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Benefits of Yoga in the office

  • improved posture

  • increased flexibility and strenght

  • reduced stress and anxiety levels

  • improved brain functions

  • increased energy level

  • improved digestion

Improved overall wellbeing which leads to less days taken off sick, and improved ability to deal with challenging situations.

Meditation and mindfulness sessions

These 30 minute sessions allow your employees to unwind from the stress of the day and calm the mind. By using variety of techniques we learn to be present in the moment and to control the mind rather than letting it control us.  This session will help you to combat stress and anxiety and will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. 

Cost of session £40 

Chair Yoga

 A fantastic alternative to booking a full yoga session and suitable for absolutely everybody, no need to bring a yoga mat or to change clothing- you also don't need a designated space. These sessions can be tailored between 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Great way to stretch and soften the shoulders, improve posture and flexibility of the spine and strengthen the core. All postures are done sitting in your office chair. Great way to increase energy and improve the 'slouching' posture. Among many other benefits are improved creating and decreases chances of a headache.

Cost of session

30 min -£40

45 min- £60

60 min- £80

Yoga Class

Choose  between a morning, lunchtime or evening class to suit your office schedule. These classes can range from restorative to dynamic or a mixture of both. Your requirements will be discussed beforehand. Designed with corporate environment in mind, class will focus on increasing core strength and flexibility as well as improving range of movement and revitalising body and mind.

The class will start with breathing exercises and a light warm up and finish with relaxation and meditation.

Cost of session

45min- £60

60min- £80